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750iL stories similar to mine (excerpts)

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Forbes Magazine released its 2005 List of the Most Unreliable Luxury Cars. Coming in at Number 2 on the list (drumroll, please) is... the BMW 7 Series! And they're not talking about the E32 (the older 7 Series), but the ratings are based on stats from 810,000 vehicles from model-years 1997-2004! Number 1 on the list, by the way, is the BMW 5 Series.

If you are considering buying or leasing a BMW 750iL, you may want to look over this website first. I owned and drove a 750iL for years and, while I enjoyed the performance and comfort, was not happy at all with the repeated mechanical failures. Final tally for the repairs & "maintenance" over a 15 year period and about 100,000 miles--close to $40,000, with more than 100 visits to the shop. After my own disastrous experience with my 750, this site was created to share stories, taking only a few weeks of this site being open before hearing from other 750 owners, who also had similar experiences. Below are excerpts from some of my favorite 750iL stories. See the Comments Index to access the full text of more than 200 comments.

"...I am a BMW Service technician. I am so glad someone has started a site to speak the truth about the abomination called 750iL! 750's are about as bad for the technician as the owner. They are difficult to work on and a pain sometimes to diagnose, a car never really fit for this world ... BMW should be ashamed of the E32 750 (unfortunately with what we've seen with the new E65 7 series so far, history may repeat itself) ... a nightmare financially. Forget resale value ... The car is junk..." MJ 9-Jun-02

"BMW Sucks. Thanks..., this website made me feel so much better for buying my 1989 750IL. As others, I bought this heap, because of the status symbol ... put 8000 miles on the car and my repairs add up to about $7000. HELP!..." Kevin 25-Apr-02

"Horror ... cost me $72,000 ... sat in the repair shop more than three months ... one day my accountant ... told me we have a problem ... The bill had accumulated to $43,000 and more coming. I was stunned ... I have had many BMWs before, but I have never had this kind of horrendous repair cost; reliability of BMW is getting lower and lower..." Philip K. 11-Apr-02

"...owned several BMWs ... all excellent ... The 750, however, was a complete disaster. I will never consider owning another BMW after having had this experience with the 750." Gary G. 19-Mar-02

"1989 piece of sh*t. Need I say more! Pissed owner. BMW (Bring Money With you)" Ken V. 12-Mar-02

"Bought mine in 1995, 50K miles on it ... put 50K more miles on it and $27K in repairs and finally it sits in my garage for the past year, worth NOTHING, collecting dust. My wife wants to use it as a planter!..." Jim M. 7-Feb-02

"...I'm kind of in the middle of the situation your site documents. Yes, my 750 has lots of the faults you've reported ... had some very frighting receipts..." John K. 27-Nov-02

"I have had my 750iL ... for only a short time and it has been fun, but like so many of the bad luck stories I have read on your site, I too have had an unfair amount of problems, and I am now afraid, very afraid..."  Allan 13-Oct-01

"Love/hate- Where do I start..." Dean H. 24-Jun-01

"...i too am a 750il owner and ive had nothing but trouble since i got it..."  Jim 23-Jun-01

"...I work at a BMW dealership in the service department ... You have one of the crappiest cars ever made in terms of reliance ... Those cars ... tarnished the record of BMW...I would pursue litigation..."  A. 9-Jun-01

"BMW 750iL is an electrical nightmare ... I say the 750 is the biggest head ache of a car you can buy, its not worth the price."  Eric 7-May-01

"...I bought a 1989 750IL ... Since I have had it, it has been in the shop more than I have had it to drive ... I am done with BMWs."  Barry 3-May-01

"...I've been telling everyone about my 1991 750iL, aka 'The Mir Space-Station on Wheels' ... I'm actually embarrassed to be associated with this car ...  I feel like ... De Niro ... in the movie Casino, who fell for ...  a sexy hooker, who wrecked his life with endless problems, expenses, and low-rent people ... I'd feel somewhat guilty about selling it to someone other than a BMW Corporation executive."  JK, M.D. 1-May-01

" are invited to meet my nightmare [2000 750iL Protection].  This incredible machine has been sleeping 112 nights at the dealer ... WARRANTY? I paid $134,000.00 for a BIG LEMON..."  Oliver, CEO 26-Apr-01

"Thanks for setting up this web site. I made the mistake of purchasing ... 750iL ... Everything has broken down ... I tell EVERYONE I KNOW to stay away from BMW ... they are a disgrace to both customers and to auto manufacturers..." Rick, CEO 26-Apr-01

"...I too was sucked in by the 750 il splendor...laundry list of frightening shop bills and still pending problems ... I can understand your plight..." Jimi 10-Apr-01

"...I also had a 750 with very similar problems...spending over $1000 a month in repairs ... same repairs over and over..."   Jeffrey 12-Mar-01