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"...I wanted the power and prestige of such a flagship unit. Wow!! ... After reading your site's various postings, I've backed out completely and shall look for something much less likely to be a curse on my wallet..." Gord H. 19-May-02

"...I was looking at buying a used 750il until I found your website. figuring it might just be a gripe section and only attract people with problems to reply. I decided to go on to a couple of message boards ... All told me not to buy the 750iL with similar stories ... Thanks for keeping me out of that tiger trap." Markus G. 8-May-02

"...thank you for steering me away from buying a 750iL..." Steve H. 1-May-02

"thanks for the warning... I have always told myself that when I 'made it' I would buy a BMW 750il. I was shopping for both new and used ones ... found your site ... and that was it. No WAY was I going to buy a BMW. Not after the way they have totally shirked their responsibility to their customers..." RC 10-Apr-02

"Thank you for your web site. my wife and i were in love with a bmw ... There is no way I would ever consider one now. I tell everyone I meet." Sylvan 7-Mar-02

"...after seeing the comments on your site I am bit scared ... your web site is still nagging in the back of my head ..." Dan H. 16-Feb-02

"...I was going to purchase a new one, but now will buy any other brand!!" Susan 4-Feb-02

"...This site has opened my eyes to the possibility of a LEMON BMW ... thanks again..." Rick 19-Jan-02

"Hi Axel, Thanks for the site. I had put a deposit ... After reading all the comments on your site I decided against it. It was hard to do, as you know the car is so alluring..." Bruce B. 18-Jan-02

"...now that I can afford it ... I don't know what to buy. But it won't be a BMW." GWC 15-Jan-02

"...thanks for saving me, i'm sorry for your misfortune..." Dresserider 12-Jan-02

"Wow...you're scaring me... After reading your site...I don't know if I want it anymore..." Dr. Paul P. 26-Dec-01 [He does get it and 7 months later: "...the damn thing has been becoming a 'money pit'..."]

"I was interested in purchasing a 7 series ... Rethinking... Thanks" Brendan C. 3-Dec-01

"you saved me ... Axel, Just as I have been narrowing my search ... After reading all of the entries by former owners I have decided to get a burn barrel for spare cash and put a BMW sticker on the side, at least it won't leak oil! Thanks" Robb 2-Dec-01

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"...I am aghast at your automotive horror story. I was considering a BMW as my next car but after reading about your nightmare, I am having second thoughts..."  Frederick 6-Apr-01



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