The purpose of this website is twofold: a place for 750iL owners and others to share their stories about the 750iL, and to offer details about my own 750iL experience. My story and other 750iL owners' stories are here, along with additional commentary from a variety of backgrounds. To hopefully provide a balanced perspective, contributions from anyone who has taken the time to send in a comment have been included.

BMW's official response to me has been that my car, "has no known problems." BMW calls the 750iL their "flagship" and of course BMWs are supposed to be the "Ultimate Driving Machine." Based on my car's record, I don't think so. Driving Machine Disaster is a better fit. Make no mistake- the 750iL is quite a car and I'm still impressed by it, however, if you have one like mine, be prepared to be equally or perhaps even more impressed by its repair and maintenance requirements.

BMW has told me they regret to hear about my difficulty with the car, but it's out of warranty and they will do nothing. I have owned five BMWs during the past 20 years, with two of them 750iL cars, so it's particularly surprising that BMW will not do anything. My being a loyal BMW owner is apparently of no consequence to BMW.

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