Repair and maintenance history for Axel's 1989 BMW 750iL
Repair No. Brought in Picked up Mileage Miles since last repair Repair estimate when car brought in Actual Cost What wasn't working when I brought the car in and is specified on work order The repairs that were completed, according to the repair order Follow-up notes (all repairs at a BMW dealership, unless otherwise noted)
110 1-7-02 1-9-02 109,462 1040 $250 $305.65 Strong smell of raw fuel in passenger area and engine compartment; coolant leak Pressure fuel lines replaced Notated that coolant collector and pipes are leaking- I decline the work
109 1-2-02 - - - - $0 While driving in the rain at night, a windshield wiper arm stops working.   I pull over and tighten the bolt. Only reason I notate this is because I had the wipers worked on recently. On a related note- shortly after the washer nozzles had been finally cleared (Repair #104), they clogged again.  Only two of the four are functioning.
108 11-27-01 11-29-01 108,422 1436 $350 $744.20 All coolant suddenly drains out while on the freeway.  Car immediately overheats and I have to pull off at the next exit with the engine billowing steaming.  This is at least the 18th time the cooling system has failed. Auxiliary water pump replaced, also thermostat and heater valve.  This part was replaced once before- see Repair #66; this time it was nearly twice as much. Upon picking up the car, I notice the starter is sounding rough.  When I inquire, I am told the starter will soon be in need of replacement- a $900 part.
107 8-10-01 8-10-01 106,986 30 - $0 Power steering sluggish Topped off fluid, although it was at a normal level Power steering still sluggish intermittently
106 8-1-01 8-9-01 106,956 512 - $900 Front windshield molding needs replacing. Front windshield molding replaced, along with front windshield -
105 6-18-01 6-19-01 106,444 3274 $650 $597.24 Coolant system failure while driving on the freeway and the car overheats.  I pull over onto the shoulder and have the car towed and dropped off. Replaced A/C & water pump idler pulleys, A/C and alternator pulleys, new fan belts This is the 17th time the cooling system has failed.  Notated that the water pump is leaking.
104 1-22-01 1-23-01 103,170 629 - $64.80 Coolant leak still present since last repair; washer nozzle still blocked; two metal caps left off from last repair (which turn out to be from the A/C); "Check System" light keeps coming on for no reason.  Asked that car be checked over "cus[tomer] going on trip will be traveling at high speeds" Washer nozzle unclogged; caps put back on A/C lines I'm told coolant leak will cost $2500 to repair- I don't do it.   "Check System" problem light still comes on.  Finally, this being the 4th request and 5 months later, washer nozzle is cleared.  On my trip, the windshield molding flies out
103 12-14-00 12-15-00 102,541 1574 $300 $536.77 Small coolant leak; washer nozzle clogged; A/C isn't very cold anymore Breather hose replaced (same as on 4-12-00?), pressure tests show no leaks Washer nozzle still clogged.  Next day, I notice there is still a coolant leak, more than before.  I'm told A/C will cost $2500 to repair, and was charged $102 to check it.  A/C goes from being not very cold to warm, and I later notice two metal caps appeared to have been left off from somewhere
102 9-25-00 9-25-00 - - - $0 Coolant low warning Stop in to have it checked & filled -
101 9-18-00 9-22-00 100,967 662 $200 $597.35 Doesn't always start on first try; washer nozzle clogged Fuel pressure regulators replaced; washer connector replaced Stopped in 9-21-00, but is wasn't ready.  Washer nozzle still clogged
100 8-15-00 8-17-00 100,305 93 $102 $310.26 Wipers sometimes inoperable, nozzle clogged; parking light sometimes inoperable; trunk latch fell off; doesn't start on first try often Washer pump replaced; light relay replaced; installed trunk latch Washer nozzle still clogged; car still often doesn't start on first try.  For the first time in more than a year, the parking light & chime and warning system isn't malfunctioning, but it doesn't last
99 8-7-00 8-11-00 100,212 509 $102 $1961.94 Oil level light on, smoke on freeway, oil leak from front; parking light warning comes on for no reason Valve cover gaskets; fuel pressure regulator; vacuum hose; fuel lines; parking light bulb replaced Parking light warning still malfunctioning
98 7-19-00 7-20-00 99,703 1279 $300 $1038.23 Coolant light and engine gauge shows hot; rear tail light assembly malfunctioning Radiator replaced; thermostat replaced; tail light bulb replaced This is the 4th radiator for this car!
Tail light assembly and warning system still malfunctioning
97 5-3-00 5-5-00 98,424 282 $200 $1814.40 Gas leak; parking light warnings coming on for no reason Replaced fuel tank; rear brake pads & rotors; upper control arm bushings Parking light still comes on.
96 4-20-00 4-20-00 - - - $0 Warning system still malfunctioning Control module put in, but doesn't fix it so it's taken out Warning system remains malfunctioning
95 4-12-00 4-14-00 98,142 3621 $400 $1186.21 Engine running on half power; oil service needed; coolant light comes on; tail lights & warning malfunctioning; steering shimmy, driver-side seat heat not working; groaning sound when steering sometimes Electrical connector for air mass sensor; oil service performed; breather pipe for cooling system; transmission mounts, exhaust hangers, steering feed hose & regulator switches Tail lights & warning still malfunctioning; wheels still shimmy (I'm told a rim is slightly bent, although I don't think I've done anything that could have bent it); I'm told seat heat pad burnt out and needs replacing, but I don't do it; steering still groans
94 11-25-99           Shimmy in wheels since new tires installed 4 wheels balanced a 2nd time Wheels still shimmy!
93 11-24-99 11-24-99 - - - $0 Warning system still malfunctioning Replace control module Warning system still malfunctioning and the $333.19 control module is returned
92 11-22-99         $845.30   4 new tires purchased This is not included in any dollar totals
91 8-9-99 8-9-99 94,521 987 $230 $280.82 Car wouldn't start (have it jump-started); tail light warnings for no reason Battery replaced Tail light warnings still malfunctioning
90 7-23-99 7-23-99 - - - $0 CD changer jammed Changer reset Days later, I replace the in-dash CD player for $461.97 at a car stereo shop.   This is the 5th time the stereo system has needed work.  I have CD changer removed from trunk
89 7-20-99 7-22-99 93,534 520 approx. $350 $1279.78 A/C blows warm; CD player malfunctioning; brake fluid cap broken, dipstick broken, fuse cover broken Recharge A/C with freon; cap, dipstick, cover replaced CD player still malfunctioning
88 7-7-99 7-9-99 - - - $336.78 Coolant leak Coolant reservoir replaced Repair not by BMW dealership
87 6-30-99 6-30-99 - - - $12.67 Front grill rubber boot Rubber boot put on -
86 6-22-99 6-23-99 93,014 38 $0 $0 Radiator cap recall cap replaced I had received a notice in the mail
85 6-18-99 6-21-99 92,976 12 $500 $577.54 Windows & door locks not working; tail lights not working; wipers not working; fluid leaking; CD player not working; front grill loose General module replaced; tail light bulbs replaced.  No leak found and no CD trouble found; part ordered for grill Tail lights still malfunctioning; still fluid leaking; CD player still not working
84 6-9-99 6-18-99 92,964 441 - $2270.19 Heavy oil leaks; drive train noise; brakes worn; exhaust fumes; gas fumes; CD player short circuit; wipers malfunctioning; trunk won't stay open; fog bulb out; warning system malfunctioning; fan belts cracked (some of these expressed verbally and are not on work order) Oil pan gaskets done, front brake pads & rotors replaced; fuel hose replaced; replaced muffler; replaced trunk shocks; replaced belts; drive train cover plate adjusted Work not performed at dealership.  Finally, after 10 months, my car doesn't smell like exhaust & fuel, and noises from drive train gone.  Electrical system still malfunctioning
83 5-17-99 5-19-99 92,523 4238 $1100 $0 Medium oil leaks, drive train noise, steering control irregular and noisy, exhaust fumes in the car; gas fumes in the car ever since Major service No.2; CD player malfunctioning when brakes applied; wipers malfunctioning; trunk lid won't stay open & latch broken; other fog lamp bulb out, parking lights & warning malfunctioning No work done Most of these problems had been present for months.  Estimate from BMW dealership was in the range of $9000 and I declined to do the work there.
Three days later, I send a FAX to the Head of Customer Relations for BMW of North America.   Her response is, sorry, it's out of warranty
82 8-24-98 8-26-98 88,285 1307 $700 $106.37 Fog lamp bulb out; gas fumes in rear area; drive train clicking sound and noises when on rough roads; small oil leak; wipers malfunctioning Fog lamp bulb replaced ($10.50 part, $95 labor!).  No fumes found; no drive train clicking found; suspension found normal Oil pan gaskets will need replacing and it was suggested that I get a new motor for wipers.  I didn't do either.  I still smell both exhaust and raw fuel.   Still hear odd noises when driving over rough road
81 6-28-98 6-30-98 86,978 3654 $900 $1226.78 Major service No. 2 due; A/C not cold Service No. 2 performed; A/C charged; rear brake pads Returned few weeks later to have A/C dye inspected- no leaks detected
80 6-25-98 6-25-98 - - - $0 A/C not cold No work done They were unable to take my car that day
79 1-10-98 1-12-98 83,324 1054 $200 $365.39 Hose bursts while driving and car loses all coolant Water valve replaced -
78 12-3-97 12-3-97 82,270 128 $500 $522.43 Engine running on half power Fuel pump replaced -
77 11-24-97 11-25-97 82,142 2740 $92 $1198.11 Brake lining warning on; A/C temperature erratic; coolant smell through A/C Front brake pads & rotors replaced; A/C found normal; engine mounts A/C temperature setting still erratic
76 11-10-97 11-10-97 - - - $0 Brake light bulb out Replace brake light bulb -
75 11-7-97 11-7-97 - - - $0 Tail light bulb out Replace tail light bulb -
74 6-16-97 6-17-97 79,402 636 approx. $85 $813.03 Engine overheating; coolant leaking; washer fluid leaking from headlight area Radiator replaced; hoses replaced; washer fluid leak repaired This is the car's 3rd radiator
73 5-28-97 5-28-97 - - - $24.68 Coolant level sensor malfunctioning New sensor installed -
72 5-19-97 5-20-97 78,766 1364 approx. $100 $162.58 Coolant leaking Radiator hoses replaced -
71 5-1-97 5-1-97 - - - $0 Coolant leak No repairs made There's a leak- I bring it it and it's put up and looked at, but no leak found
70 4-25-97 4-25-97 - - - $0 "Coolant level" warning Coolant added -
69 4-24-97 4-24-97 - - $0 $0 CD changer malfunctioning CD changer sent again to Pioneer for "repair" This was repaired at no cost because it was less than 30 days since it had just been "repaired."  Took several weeks to get it back
68 4-4-97 4-4-97 77,402 303 $85 $123.83 Coolant leaking; CD changer ready Inlet hose replaced; CD changer, which had been getting repaired, is put back in -
67 3-24-97 3-24-97 77,099 10 $200 $164.76 Engine gauge shows overheating Thermostat replaced -
66 3-21-97 3-22-97 77,089 707 approx. $150 $397.94 Lose all coolant, have it towed in Auxiliary water pump replaced Cost includes car rental
65 3-17-97 4-4-97 - - $200.27 $200.27 CD changer malfunctioning CD changer sent to Pioneer, they "repair" it Days later, it's malfunctioning again
64 3-6-97 3-14-97 - - - $0 CD changer malfunctioning No repairs made Not a BMW dealership- this place had repaired it in October 1996
63 2-27-97 2-28-97 76,382 213 $85 $703.97 Vibration on acceleration; brake pressure light Transmission mounts changed; brake accumulator replaced -
62 2-21-97 2-21-97 76,169 652 $100 $95.83 Brake light stays on Brake light switch replaced -
61 1-27-97         $894.54   4 new tires installed This is not included in any dollar totals
60 1-22-97 1-27-97 75,517 2505 approx. $1000 $4468.33 Oil service needed; sunroof seal worn; headlight jet loose; window switch broken; engine noisy; steering sluggish; brakes squeal; rear shocks worn; rear window leaks Oil service performed; sunroof seal replaced; headlight jets replaced; window switch replaced; belts changed; brake booster replaced; front end bushings & wishbones replaced; rear shocks replaced; 4 wheel alignment -
59 1-20-97         $2313.85   4 new BMW wheels purchased This was an elective addition and is not included in any dollar totals
58 1-8-97 1-8-97 - - - $85 Rear window leaking Rear window sealed Days later, it still is leaking
57 11-8-96 11-8-96 - - - $3.28 Rubber seal and gasket worn Replaced rubber seal and gasket -
56 10-30-96 10-30-86 - - - $13.86 Brake fluid low warning Put in brake fluid -
55 10-22-96 10-22-96 73,012 - - - - - Axel purchases the 1989 750iL
Repair No. Brought in Picked up Mileage Miles since last repair Repair estimate when car brought in Actual Cost What wasn't working when I brought the car in and is specified on work order The repairs that were completed, according to the repair order Follow-up notes (all repairs at a BMW dealership, unless otherwise noted)
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