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Good site.  Your site is well planned, I am sure it must also hold some sort of record for the concentration of hyperlink per mb, your content is nothing different from what many of us owners have experienced. Iam sure you are in the minority for amount of money and time you claimed to have spent on the car and still own it.
Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 10:23:03

Axel's reply:  You're right- I have broken up the commentary into smaller segments.  I don't think I hold the record- there are several people who have written to me that have spent the same or more.

My Goodness, of course you have been to the BMW dealership many time but how much of this was vital. I mean surely TAIL LIGHTS and even a CD stacker you could learn to install youself.And why don't you blame the dealership for your problems at ALL? BMW built the car and I see many 750iL's still on the road... probably see more of them than I do 13 year old Honda Legends, Audi's (when was the last time you saw an original Audi V8??), or other top line cars from the same era. Have you even tried an independent specialist? Take the fog lamps for example. You complain about a $96 cost of labor and $10 of parts, but if you took 1.5 hours to do it you could have saved the money. It seems that you are asking for the car to be overserviced. Not having the problem fixed because you solve all the supreficial problems first. I think you are even proud of the fact that your car has cost so much. If you can afford it then great - but so much of the repairs you have seem to be caused by your overzealous maintenance. If you do not know anything about maintaining a car then why don't you learn a little. At least then you will be in a position to do a lot of the high cost and low priority stuff yourself.
Asoka J. <email address on file>
Melbourne, Victoria Australia - Friday, April 20, 2001 at 16:03:20

Axel's reply:  The tail lights and CD stacker were more of a problem than the repair listing might indicate.  Believe it or not, the car's Repair pages are abbreviated versions- there was much more that went on.  The tail light assembly had an intermittent electrical malfunction for about a year, causing the tail light assembly to not illuminate and warning chimes and indicators to appear every time the car was started and turned off, as well as sound off while driving, and it took many visits before the problem was finally traced to a module.  During the same period, the CD stacker was continuously malfunctioning.  I had to have the stacker serviced three times, after months of it having a strange short circuit when the brakes were applied.  When the CD stacker started malfunctioning for a fourth time, I bought a new in-dash CD player and pulled out the stacker.  During that year, not only was it thoroughly annoying and distracting for me, but I was embarrassed to have people in the car because of both the tail light warning chimes and the CD stacker malfunctioning.  I had people who had been driving behind me constantly telling me my brake lights weren't working.  I was driving a car going haywire that nobody could fix.  Why should I blame the dealership?  All they did was try fix it, which has been no easy task, since the car has never really stayed fixed.  I did try, a few times, going to independent mechanics, but they simply were not qualified to work on a 750iL and I usually left without having any work done.  And the foglight bulb- it's not necessarily the $96 of labor that bothered me, it's that the car was designed to require 1.5 hours to change a foglight bulb!  Obviously, it was a much more involved process than unscrewing a bulb, or I would have done it myself.   Am I proud my car has cost so much?  Not at all- I'm quite unhappy about it.

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