Change of plan - former potential 750iL or BMW owners
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Thanks. After reading your site, I've decided to pass on buying a BMW 7 series. I currently own a 3 series with 134k miles and have been very happy. I was looking to upgrade but i'll like go with a japanese car. Thanks
Hal U. <email address on file>
USA - Monday, July 15, 2002 at 20:02

Axel's reply: Or you could keep your 3 series a while longer if you've been happy with it.

Axel, What a fascinating site! Information being disseminated in this manner really reveals the beauty of the internet. I currently have about $10K to work with for a used car, and although I've never owned one I've been seriously considering a 1995 or older 5 series or possibly a 7 series, as I always hear good things about BMWs despite the expenses. I came across a few early 90s 750iLs in my research, and was wondering why they were typically about the same price as some of the 5 series' I was looking at. . .your site answered that question in dramatic terms. I'm sure it is an unbelievable car in many respects (otherwise there'd be no reason to put up with said expense), but you may have saved me from a highly alluring trap. I'd love all the extra horsepower and feeling like the dictator of a medium-sized African nation every time I go to the store, but I may just focus on trying to find a well-kept 525i or perhaps an E320 now. One question: Is it your impression that all 750s have a high lemon potential regardless of the year of manufacture? Would a 2002 be comparable to a 1992? Would a 1992 likely suffer problems comparable to your 1989? OK, to be fair, that was three questions, but I would value any and all information you could offer. Obviously, this is out of casual interest (at least with respect to the new models) since my budget is around ten grand, but I am curious as to whether (and if so when) BMW rectified the maintenance issues similar to the ones you've experienced. Thanks.
William W. <email address on file>
Salem, Virginia USA - Monday, July 8, 2002 at 15:40

Axel's reply: Based on the feedback here, it appears as though the later models have fewer problems, but you should read the full stories. Trying to summarize more than 200 comments here would be far too involved!

Thank you for the information that you have place on this website. I am in the market for a used car and BMW was on the top of my list. My father has a 1991 535i which, for all intends and purposes, has served him extremely well. I test drove a 750iL because I was taken by the looks and the power the engine has. It was not long before I noticed that there was something fishy about the car. It did not handle as I thought it would, I actually almost lost control in a curve doing 70mph! (I have hit that curve at 80mph with a Toyota and I don't have any problems!) It also made funny noises and what not. I was going to take it to my mechanic today so that he could check it. After reading all the information on this site, I think I'll pass. Once again, thank you for saving me a lot of headaches!
Aaron L. <email address on file>
Boston, Massachusetts USA - Saturday, June 8, 2002 at 11:44

Axel's reply: Smart move, glad to be of help.

This site saved me!! Thanks for running this website. I was at a BMW dealership today and one of the salespeople sells cars on the side and he told me he had a black on black BMW 750il for sale, with a devilish grin on his I logged on to research this particular model and found this site. Thank God! Usually, when you research older model cars on the internet, you'll find nothing but manufacturer or corporate controlled sites, rarely anything about repairs and reliability. I'm sorry you had to go through all the needless pain and suffering, but grateful for you taking the time to share this and warn others...Congrats on a job well done!
Steven L. <email address on file>
USA - Thursday, May 23, 2002 at 8:13

Axel's reply: Thanks, I'm happy to be able to provide some useful information to you.

just about did it. Hi Axel, I recently have been looking at various available 750ILs ('89,'90,'91). Two seemed to have been cared for well; the third's history was vague and the car, upon inspection, less than mint. I wanted the power and prestige of such a flagship unit. Wow!! ... After reading your site's various postings, I've backed out completely and shall look for something much less likely to be a curse on my wallet...One closing question though--How decent are the engines for holding up (cam, crank, rings, bearings, head gaskets, etc).. The third one I checked was *extremely* oily everywhere underneath the engine.
Gord H. <email address on file>
Alberta Canada - Sunday, May 19, 2002 at 14:16

Axel's reply: If you found a lot of oil underneath, it's probably going to need some serious labor to replace several pan gaskets. I'm not sure what you mean by "holding up." While the engine runs, it is constantly needing work.

thanks. I was looking at buying a used 750il until I found your website. figuring it might just be a gripe section and only attract people with problems to reply. I decided to go on to a couple of message boards here in the U.S. and ask for experience with the 750 and 735. All told me not to buy the 750iL with similar stories, plus the cost of repairs seem real high. It seems like it would cost over $500 just for a so it yourself tune up . I did not get feed back for the 735I , and found a few place to get 735 parts for reasonable prices. I was between the 7 series and an audi quattro, but could not find any place that carried reasonable audi parts near me. Hope the 735i is better Thanks for keeping me out of that tiger trap.
Markus G. <email address on file>
USA - Wednesday, May 8, 2002 at 14:17

Axel's reply: My goal is not to simply gripe about one car, but to share the truth with the hope that I can find out from many others their own experiences with the 750iL.

just a bad year, model, ? First of all I want to thank you for steering me away from buying a 750iL. A good friend is going to sell his, just because he is an environmental guy and feels guilty about owning the gas hog. To put it into perspective, he got a good deal on it and needed a car because his lease on his EV4 (all electric) ran out. He is asking $8,500 and it's currently running perfectly, and the rest of the car is also in perfect condition. Anyway, I'm just wondering if the whole year of 750iL's were lemons or if there was a bad "batch". I'd rather not discount this car if only 5 - 10% of them were horrible and the other 90-95% were pristine. Seems my friend has a very very nice one, and he really loves it. I remember when the new Dodge Ram pickups came out and the ones that were lemons got ALL the attention, which spoiled it for the 95% that were perfect and very nice newly styled trucks. So what gives? Was it just a bad time in BMW's life to build that particular car? Or were there some from one particular area or code or whatever that someone should stay away from? I've heard that the Jags from 88-94(?) were bad until Ford bought Jaguar, or something like that. I'm trying to get educated on the Bimmers also... Thanks for the input!! Thanks, Steve H. <email address on file>
Arizona USA - Wednesday, May 1, 2002 at 12:23

Axel's reply: Because it's now "running perfectly" is no assurance that it will continue to do so- even my car has had problem-free periods. Keep in mind the 750iL is a car manufactured in very small numbers, as few as 75 a year I've heard, so if let's say 8% of those were problematic, that means 6 of the 75 people who paid about $100,000 just bought a lemon? Sorry, that doesn't sound anywhere near acceptable to me. I would hope BMW's success percentage rate is much higher. I expect that my own story is in the minority, but just how much in the minority is the question.

thanks for the warning... I have always told myself that when I 'made it' I would buy a BMW 750il. I was shopping for both new and used ones, looking for a good value. I found your site on [a search engine], read it, and that was it. No WAY was I going to buy a BMW. Not after the way they have totally shirked their responsibility to their customers. I will drive my 67 Camaro convertible and keep my Acura RL while thinking about what to buy. You know, the 2002 SL Mercedes are pretty nice...
RC <email address on file>
USA - Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 24:55

Axel's reply: I am considering a Mercedes too, although an American car is a possibility.

Thank you for your web site. my wife and i were in love with a bmw in Col Ohio. There is no way I would ever consider one now. I tell everyone I meet.
Sylvan <email address on file>
Ohio USA - Thursday, March 7, 2002 at 17:22

Axel's reply: Happy to help.

Hey Axel, A couple days ago I bumbled into your website while searching for info on the 750. I am looking at a 1988 750 and after seeing the comments on your site I am bit scared. The dealer that has this 750 that I am looking at is very reputable and my boss has purchased a merc benz 300d and a bmw 540. He has had no problems and he also said I should not worry about the 750 yet your web site is still nagging in the back of my head. I want to know the truth, is the 750 a piece of sh*t or is it just luck that these people on your site have happened to have lemons or is this sight a plight to turn buyers like me off of 750 because of your own personal problems. I am not trying to sound rude. But I am 17 and 8,000 bucks is a lot, but I am in love with fancy big luxury cars. I am asking for an honest answer and I anticipate your thoughtful reply. Regards...
Dan H. <email address on file>
USA - Saturday, February 16, 2002 at 21:59

Axel's reply: My own 750iL was a launching pad for a search for the truth about the 750iL. Everything anyone has had to say about it, both good and bad, is here. You can read and judge for yourself. Check the Comments Index. If you're 17 years old and about to plunk down every penny you have on a 750iL, you would be a lot better off buying something else, based on my own experiences with the 750iL.

Your stories really impressed me; do you know of a site devoted to the 300's. I own a '99 328i which was fine for the first two years and now I have major problems with the rims. I was going to purchase a new one, but now will buy any other brand!!
Susan (1999 328i) <email address on file>
USA - Monday, February 4, 2002 at 11:50

Axel's reply: [Privately, I referred her to a site with more information on the 3 series].

ANY GOOD NEWS? Hi BMW owner, Thanks for the informative site. I am currently considering purchasing a 1989 750il with 77,000 miles. I was both glad and disappointed to come across this site. BMWs have always been known for their reliability...and I quickly feel for the 750 style and power. Unfortunately, I do not know other 750 owners and was not aware of their high maintenance requirements. I am very mechanically inclined and would be able to repair most items myself. But I must admit..I do feel somewhat let down knowing that a BMW would require all that attention. Have you heard of any 750 owners that have had "Great" or at least "Good" luck with the 750? Since I have been seeking a 750 for months, I have come across several ads with very mileage cars...100,000 - 170,000 range. I finally came across the present car i am considering to buy for $7,000 and 77,000 miles...and impeccable condition. This site has opened my eyes to the possibility of a LEMON BMW....and I will have to negotiate the price again. Well thanks again..and please let me know if you have heard of any owners that did not have such horrible experiences. Thanks and regards,
Rick <email address on file>
New York USA - Saturday, January 19, 2002 at 7:51

Axel's reply: Sure, there are quite a few people here (see the Comments Index) who have had both great and good luck with the 750, but I'm seeking what I would hope would be the minority of people who have had anything but good luck with theirs.

Hi Axel, Thanks for the site. I had put a deposit on a beautiful '88 750il. After reading all the comments on your site I decided against it. It was hard to do, as you know he car is so alluring. From what I have read most of the expense in these cars seems to come from the engine compartment. I wonder if these cars would be a good candidate for a chev 350 engine swap like the Jaguar's are? If anyone out there has tried this it would be great to here the feedback. Regard,
Bruce B. <email address on file>
Canada - Friday, January 18, 2002 at 17:56

Axel's reply: Without the 12 cylinder engine, I wouldn't be driving the 750iL.

BMW? While I have always liked the style of BMW's, my recent foray into purchasing a used one has been educational. I know a guy who used to be a BMW mechanic but quit it to test software. That's telling. He gave me advise on which models and engines are problematic. 3 series, hmmm...5 series? Avoid the 3.0 liter V8, and any 2.5 liter before 1994. Seems they used PLASTIC water pumps. What kind of moron designs $40-100K auto's with plastic water pumps? I've owned a couple of Fiats, X19, and Spider and even they aren't that stupid. Fact is, I had to do maintenance on them, but nothing like what I see on, and stuff didn't just outright break. I mean they have metal radiators that go 100K miles before you simply remove them, drop them off at the local radiator shop, and have them cleaned out, and like new for less than 100 bucks. The Germans also find plastic a fun substance to use for radiators it seems, with a life expectancy of about 50K miles tops. I looked at a 525i with 58K miles. It had a new radiator, water pump, and exhaust system, all in a climate that typically is mild to cars. I mean, I have a 1986 Bertone (FIAT) X19 with the original exhaust fitted. Granted it's had a couple of small leaks repaired, but a stainless steel exhaust system is supposed to last! That's exhaust system (fiat) has well over 150K miles on it. Seems the Germans have outdone the Italians for the award for building unreliable auto's, and making the pieces unrepairable, unsalvageable. 800 dollar radiators and the like. I asked, 7 series? about a nice V12 750? Going cheap? Advice? RUN! Exact words. But when he started talking about plastic water pumps, and I'm hearing people replacing radiators at 50K miles in the mild SF bay area climate, and so much more, AND reading your site, I'm beginning to understand why people buy Honda's. Oh, as I was talking to this former mechanic, it occurred to me, I'd never seen him driving a Bimmer. So, how's that? A former mechanic who knows better, even if he's qualified to do the work himself? Seems he left the BMW repair biz to pursue a more ethical path in life. $1000 dollar drive shafts that go bad at 150K miles.... and have to be replaced. He said they made a lot of money on those.... I almost bought a used M6 once but the list of needed repairs that came back from the pre-inspection nixed that deal....air conditioning didn't work.... minimum to repair? $2500 ! At least. $250 seat motors....etc etc. The list was 4 pages long! But the compression was good. I'm stuck on what to get now... but like people said, don't buy it without a warranty. I think that many of the things you had break, are the same components used on many other models, and I don't care to deal with these con artist mechanics. I've talked to a few....saved an ex from getting ripped off by them. Other notable dogs I've heard are any 3.0 liter V8's and any V8 before 1996. Seals leaked, all kinds of stuff. I love the safety of the BMW, but maybe a classic muscle car is the way to go. I dunno...nothing out there excites least in the US market. Everything looks the same! It's all coming back to me now, the beauty and the horror of my ex's 1986 325e. A money pit of a car. My little 320 i may be the only reasonably reliable car they ever built, but then it doesn't have that much to break. A very simple car. But has more problems now than it's worth to fix. But on that car, I got my moneys worth, and it's easy to work on yourself, if you don't mind doing it, which brought me to looking at the luxury models, now that I can afford I don't know what to buy. But it won't be a BMW.
GWC (320i) <email address on file>
USA - Tuesday, January 15, 2002 at 2:47

Axel's reply: I have often asked BMW sales people, service advisors, and mechanics if they too own a 750iL- I haven't found one yet. Maybe that should have been a clue foretelling the future needs of the car.

This follow-up from GWC on July 10, 2002: Just in case you're interested, I decided against a BMW altogether, and purchased a new MBZ C230 Kompressor Sport Coupe. Only time will tell if it's a wise decision. This car might best be compared to the 318ti previously sold in the states, but really there's no comparison. The benz comes stock with a supercharged 192HP (stock) engine, 6 spd tranny, 8 airbags. Mine came with a panoramic' sunroof/moonroof, with glass all the way into the back seat, leather, 17" optional wheel package, metallic paint option, and tiptronic auto for right around 30K. Something BMW can't touch!

Axel's reply to follow-up: Great looking little car- hope it holds up from a mechanical standpoint!

'90 bmw 750il on ebay THANK YOU , Axel, i was browsing ebay motors, saw this car, it's located 1 hour from my home, thought how lucky i was to find an $80,000 car with a starting bid of $6,000! then the seller was "cars4charity", h,mmm now why would someone donate this luxury vehicle , and only have the book value as a tax deduction to show for it? because that's all it's worth! thanks for saving me, i'm sorry for your misfortune, i'll stick with my vw's, not luxurious, but reliable.
Dresserider <email address on file>
USA - Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 7:52

Axel's reply: If I wanted to liquidate my car for maximum value, I probably would also have to donate it to charity, particularly since I would not be comfortable selling it to anyone.

I was interested in purchasing a 7 series, and while doing some research, happened upon your site. Do these problems persist with EVERY 7 series, even the ones produced before 89? Is the 740 at all better? I needed a large four door German sedan for my wife and myself, and though the 7 series perfect. Rethinking. Sorry to bother, but do you have any info on my above questions, or where I could find out? Thanks,
Brendan C. <email address on file>
Monday, December 3, 2001 at 17:09

Axel's reply: No, of course these problems do not persist with "every 7 series," otherwise BMW wouldn't still be manufacturing cars. Specifically the 750iL is at issue, and just how many of them do suffer from serious problems, and that is what this website is exploring. Reading through the feedback here might give you a better idea of how the 750 and 740 compare in the real world over time, somewhat different than a 20 minute ride on a test track. This website has never sought feedback on anything but the 750iL, so you might find other commentary to be sparse.

you saved me. Axel, Just as I have been narrowing my search for a good used 735/750 I stumbled across your page. After reading all of the entries by former owners I have decided to get a burn barrel for spare cash and put a BMW sticker on the side, at least it won't leak oil! Thanks,
Robb <email address on file>
USA - Sunday, December 2, 2001 at 22:33

Axel's reply: I think you can get yourself a BMW decal at your local dealership that will go nicely on your burn barrel, which will probably get better mileage.

I just stumbled upon your Website and am sorry about your travails. I was considering a new BMW but have to re-think my interest. Thanks for your candid experiences and I hope you have a better New Year.
Marc <email address on file>
Wednesday, November 21, 2001 at 3:24

Axel's reply: Unfortunately, the car began the New Year by springing some fuel leaks.

Thanks.  I have been in Arizona for several days looking at nice clean rust free cars. After not being able to find a suitable replacement for my 1991 Toyota Landcruiser with 130K, we considered a 1990 750IL for $8500. I thought, "Wow an $80K car when new for 1/10th the original price."  I never, I mean never have problems with my LandDog but needed to upgrade.  After reading your site, I will be patient, pass on the BMW and get my newer Landcruiser at a later date.  I especially liked the analogy of the reader concerning Casino. My friend and I used the same analogy with the Pro when we were considering buying a Range Rover. Are you sure British Leyland didn't make the 750's?
Mel C.  <email address on file>
Arizona USA - Sunday, November 4, 2001 at 19:19

Axel's reply:  I'm so pleased the website was of some help.  I wish I had had the benefit of something like it myself a few years ago.

Thank you for all your info . I recently looked at a 1990 750il with 54000 miles. It was listed for $13,000 and I thought it was a good price. But after reading all these pages i'm going to copy them, show them to the dealer and offer him $100 for it's weight in scrap. THANK YOU.
John  <email address of file>
USA - Monday, September 24, 2001 at 16:34

Axel's reply:  You don't think $100 might be overspending just a little?

Wow, your website completely changed my mind about buying an 89 750iL. I just drove three hours to test drive one, and came back to check the web for pictures of what i thought was a cool car...but noticed it had some problems... left light out, fog lights out, ac not working, sunroof was in shambles, a can of anti-freeze in the trunk, an overheating engine. These things seemed slightly minor to me and i figured they would help me get the price down.  My question to you is if you know if only the 750iL was unreliable or if all 7 series were bad. I would really like a BMW and i know they make good cars, cause i have three friends all with over 200k on theirs and the cars still feel solid, but of course these are 3-series.  i believe the 750iL although called a 7 series has a completely different design than a typical 7 series but i could be wrong.   I was also looking at 89-90-91 740's and 735's. if you know of any webpages or reliability reports you could refer me to i would appreciate it   thanks
David K.  <email address on file>
USA - Friday, September 7, 2001 at 22:44

Axel's reply:  All those problems were probably just the start of things to come and likely a sign the car was poorly maintained, and I doubt that the car was in need of just "minor" work.  If you are still considering that car, take it in to a dealership and have them examine it for you BEFORE you buy it.  My own experience and based on all the feedback this website has received, the 750iL is uniquely problematic, compared to the other 7 series cars.  I don't know offhand of any online reliability reports, but I'm sure there must be something out there.

Hello Axel, I was just about to pickup a beautiful and well maintained 1989 750IL this evening!  I checked with my bank and I have enough cash to negotiate the price, the old car is only $8900 with 120K miles. It has all the records. I own a 99 pathfinder (great car) and an 85 BMW 635CSI (awesome car!). I wanted I nice luxo cruiser for my daily 40 minute drive to work with an automatic tranny.  I think your response will be RUN AWAY. Alright, so what do you think of the 530 and 525 automatics, and 97 Z3?  ps thanks for saving my future from the 750
Clark V.  <email address on file>
USA - Friday, September 7, 2001 at 8:55

Axel's reply:  Run, run like the wind!  I have owned four other BMWs, but not the 5 series or Z3, so I couldn't really tell you about them.  I did rent a 5 series for a month when my 750iL was in the shop- took it on a road trip for several days and I didn't have any trouble with it during that short period, although I found it to be underpowered and too small for me.

Thanks for the tip.  I was looking into buying a 2001 or 2002 750il with the bulletproof body but after seeing your problems i'll just buy a mercedes cl500 !!!   Did they fix your car or did you buy a mercedes ???
Eric C.  <email address on file>
Friday, August 31, 2001 at 17:44

Axel's reply:  BMW never offered to fix anything and wouldn't even acknowledge the car had any "known problems."  I have been considering a Mercedes.

Hi Axel, My name is Ian and i live in Australia, fortunately i do not own a BMW750il but i was looking at the prospect of buying one in 6 months time when i move to California. (thanks to your website i now definitely will NOT purchase a 750)  My question to you is this, are all of the 7 series BMW's bad? you mentioned possibly buying a 740.  i do like the body style and the overall look of the 7 series, but are the others any better?  also, it sounds like you know a lot about BMW's, i have been trying to find a website that explains all of the BMW model designation numbers and letters. If you know of one could you please forward on the web address to me.  any help would be appreciated,
thank you for your time and good luck with your next BMW.  it sounds like you and others on your web page have just saved me a lot of trouble and expense,  again thanks.
Ian S.  <email address on file>
Australia - Wednesday, August 15, 2001 at 12:04

Axel's reply:  I have received virtually no negative feedback on other 7 series cars- just the 750iL.  Not that it's a perfect test, but it might indicate the other 7 series are more reliable.  I don't know offhand of a website that explains all the models, but I'm sure there must be one; I'll let you know if I find one.   Keep in mind that there are different models in different countries, so a list that explains BMWs in Australia might not necessarily be the same in the U.S.

Thanks Axel. I will buy a toyota land cruiser now instead of a BMW 750.  Thanks from bottom of heart for not letting me getting stuck with a lemon.
Eric W.  <email address on file>
Lexington, Kentucky USA - Sunday, August 12, 2001 at 1:10

Axel's reply:  Happy to be of help!

Dear Axel, Are there any known issues with the 1993 750iL? I am thinking of buying one with 100K on the clock and want to know what I am getting into.  Best,
Scott V.  <email address on file>
USA - Saturday, July 28, 2001 at 19:50

Axel's reply:  I don't recall any negative feedback at all on the 1993 750iL- it's all here, so if you don't see it, I haven't heard about it.  Be sure to get the car checked out thoroughly by a dealership before making your purchase, so the car will be priced accordingly; if it needs $3500 (or more) of work, you ought to get that taken off the purchase price.  If the dealership wants to charge you $150 for the check out, do it!  It will be well spent.  You might want to keep in mind that in 1993 only 182 750iL cars were sold in the U.S. (if my numbers are correct), which might have something to do with why we haven't heard anything.  Some of the earlier years had more than 10 times the number of cars sold- many more people to find their way to this website.

Hello Axel, I just came across your site.... interesting. I am actually (right now) looking to buy a 750 IL. I am looking at a '98 model. Since I did not see many in the way of complaints about this car, I am tempted to think there were less problems in models after '95.  Certainly, I would never consider an '88 or an '89, too old. But I am curious to ask you what do you know about the newer models ?  The price is not $134K like that one person who replied, so I figure the car is worth it ? NO ? Curious to hear what you think since you know all there is to know about the 750 IL series.  THANK YOU.  Best,
K.  <email address on file>
USA - Monday, July 16, 2001 at 13:31

Axel's reply:  Hi K., the '98 you're considering should have one option that makes a big difference- a warranty, hopefully. Consider an extended warranty. The car should be a dealer certified, one owner car, with all service records and, of course, had proper scheduled maintenance.  The '88 & '89 are certainly too old to purchase now- remember, I've had mine since 1996. If I were buying a 750 today, I would be looking for probably a '94 or newer, particularly since the car had some major revisions after I think 1993, with a slight body style change and other improvements. Only reason I haven't sold my car and moved on to a newer model is I ended up having to put so much money into it, that to sell it now would be too big a loss. Unfortunately, I learned much more about the 750iL AFTER buying my 1988 and 1989 750iL cars, which I later learned were the car's worst years. Following success with three 3-series BMW cars, it just didn't occur to me that BMW had cars with bad years. At least I have learned an important lesson- researching more fully a car, including the year it was made, before making a purchase.  You're right- I have not really heard any complaints around the '98 model. Either there aren't many, or they haven't yet found their way to my website! It probably is because there are so few owners from that period. Statistically speaking, it's unlikely that someone who was unhappy with theirs would find their way to my website. From what I've been told, the number of 750iL cars sold in the U.S. in 1988, 1989, and 1990 was about 2500 for each year, dropping drastically each year following, with 182 in 1993, and only 75 in 1994. I don't have any numbers after 1994. With each subsequent year, assuming the production continued to drop or stayed under 100 cars, it becomes less likely to hear from any owners.  Make sure you bring the prospective car into a dealer for a full check out, even if it costs you $100, so you know exactly what might need work. With a car where single major repair visit can run you $3,000 without much trouble, you should know before you buy it if a major repair is on the horizon, and factor it into the purchase price.   [Privately, I told K. more information about pricing and the where to research the background of the car].  Good luck and safe driving!  ~Axel

K. followed up, this is an excerpt:  Axel, your response was VERY MUCH appreciated.  I thank you for your perspective.  Last night I was 99% of the way there to buy the car, and then I really thought I needed to run the numbers on a lease.   It is the more economical way to go since I doubt I will drive over 12K/year.   I have another car, a Porsche 996, so I can split the mileage.  Thank you for putting my comments on your site, I hope this helps others who are looking. I talked to a dealership yesterday re: the 750 IL (90's) models and he told me that while he does not slam other manufacturers, but did want me to know that they have had electrical problems w/ the 750 IL models. He highly recommended a 740 IL instead, which I actually previously owned from 98-00. I just want the bigger engine now and the 40 or so extra horses. Regards,
K. - Thursday, July 19, 2001 at 9:31

Thank you for your site. I have been seriously considering buying around a 1989-1993 bmw 750, they seem relatively cheap at 10-14 grand (especially opposed to a new car) and for 12 cylinders! Hard to resist, though not so hard after seeing your site. My other consideration is the new 330xi, all wheel drive 225 hp under 40k, gps system in the dash! Heard anything about those?  Regards,
Erik H.  <email address on file>
USA - Saturday, June 23, 2001 at 14:56

Axel's reply:  I haven't specifically heard anything on the 330xi, although I like the all wheel drive concept.  In the past, I have owned three 3-series cars and enjoyed them all.

Hello Axel, your car repair experience with the 750 IL is appalling.  I noticed in your introduction that you said that you had owned two 750ILs, however most of your remarks only concern the one 1989 model.  What was your experience with the other one?  I am about to buy a 1992 model, I am hoping for better luck than you have had.
Mark M.  <email address on file>
Long Beach, California USA - Wednesday, June 6, 2001 at 18:46:46

Axel's reply:  Yes, I did have a 750iL prior to the one that has given me so much trouble.  I didn't really have an opportunity to find out how the first one would have done, because it was demolished only a few weeks after I bought it (not my fault).  I liked it enough to want to try it again.  It could be that the first one, if I had it long enough, would have given me the same troubles, but probably not.

BMW's Ultimate Customer Service-  Axel:  I was just browsing the web to get more information on a 91 750il I am looking into buying and found your site. It's great to be able to read other people's experiences with this particular model. It's incredible to hear the passive attitude BMW is taking in providing the customer service a car with this price tag deserves.  Best wishes,
Camryn W.  <email address on file>
United Kingdom - Sunday, May 20, 2001 at 22:17:00

Axel's reply:  I too am amazed at the stories I keep hearing about BMW's "customer service."

Thank you for your site Axel!!! I was looking to upgrade to a 1989 750il from my present, problem free 733i, but because of your awesome information site, I'll go with the 5spd '88 M6. Thanks for the warnings!!!!
SpencerM  (733i)  <email address on file>
Armstrong, BC Canada - Friday, May 04, 2001 at 05:36:00

Axel's reply:  Glad the information here could be of help.

I am in the middle of buying a 1989 750il. Is this what I am to expect?
Fliccard <email address on file>
St. Clair Shores, Michigan USA - Friday, April 27, 2001 at 16:38:23

Axel's reply:  I can't make any promises, but if it's like mine, keep your checkbook in one hand, your credit card in the other, and consider having a second car to get you around while your 750 is being repaired.  Or, it could be like some of the 750iL cars I have heard about that drives off into the sunset past 100,000 miles without any more than oil and brakes.  But read some of the comments here, from people with their own 750iL stories, ranging from the 1988 to 2000 models, and decide for yourself.

I was thinking about buying a 750 Flagship. I tryed a used one at a local dealer. The cars engine was FANTASTIC. If you never tryed one, I recommend you try one. Im´sorry to hear about your case, I think BMW is unfair to you, and they should return you mondaymodel with a never one.
R. Denmark
Denmark - Wednesday, April 11, 2001 at 21:14:23

Axel's reply:  I have had two 750iL cars and currently drive one.  Yes, the 750iL engine is fantastic, when it's working.  In fact, if you look under the hood of a brand new $200,000 Rolls Royce you'll find a BMW 750iL engine- that's how good they are, or can be.  My 750iL engine, however, has been continuously problematic.

Your BMW travesty
Dear BMW victim:  I am aghast at your automotive horror story. I was considering a BMW as my next car but after reading about your nightmare, I am having second thoughts. Since you sound like someone who, as a result of this experience has learned a lot about quality, service, responsibility and the apparant complete lack thereof, I would like to know what new car did you ended up buying?  Regards, Shocked
Frederick H. <email address on file>
Friday, April 06, 2001 at 18:21:00

Axel's reply:  When I do choose another car, I will be posting my choice and will let you know.  Thanks for your comments.

Axel:  I read your comments regarding you experiences with your 750IL.   I am thinking about buying a 1991 750IL with 106,000 miles on it.  It's been well maintained by the current owner.  Do you think by chance that the 750IL you purchase was an exception (i.e. somehow passed quality assurance at BMW)?   Are the 1991 750IL any better?
William F. <email address on file>
Wednesday, March 28, 2001 at 16:49:00

Axel's reply:  From my personal experience, the 750iL has a consistent pattern of frequent and excessive repairs.  I have heard the same thing from other 750iL owners.  My 750iL was also well maintained by its former owner, yet we each had to bring it in about 50 times, for a total of about 100 times!  I don't know if 1991 would be any better than my car, and I don't think any kind of inspection could have predicted what has happened with this car, with its problems probably going back to the design and engineering level.  If the car you are considering buying is like mine, I hope you live close to the dealership, because it will become your second home.  My 750 has been a black hole of repairs, an automotive money pit of the worst kind.  Hope that answers your questions.

Hello, I have been looking in to getting a 1989 BMW 750il. As I looked on the internet I found your site many times. At first I thought I would be just a site that some cry baby posted. Well your complaint and problems seem legitimate. So now I am questioning this purchase. Do you feel this is still a great car you just got a lemon or do you think all 1989 750ils are lemons? I am interested in your opinion. Please let my know. Thank you.
Andrew S. <email address on file>
Wednesday, March 28, 2001 at 11:44:00

Axel's reply:  I could count on one hand the number of cars that are (or aspire to be) in the same performance & luxury class as the 750iL, but this level of performance & luxury has a price- a considerably higher one (both in time and money) than I could have anticipated.  I personally know of two other 1989 750iL cars with difficulties similar to mine, but based just on my own experience with the 750iL, the car is a disaster area and the single worst financial error I've made in my life.  If you are considering buying a used 750iL, I strongly recommend you buy one under full warranty for the period you plan to own the car and, if the car you get is like mine, be prepared to bring it in often for repairs, with problems that can perplex even the finest factory trained technicians.  I wish you good luck, should you decide to buy one.

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