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Youve been taken for a ride! A $30000 one!  What the f@#k were you doing taking it back to the same dealership to get it repaired? I would put a substantial bet that this is your main problem! Yes the v12s do have several problems and costs are high, but 4 RADIATORS!! I read through your repairs and by the end of it I was starting to think "Is this guy for real". It seems to me that some young d@#$head mechanic in there was sabotaging your car. After the 2nd radiator, I would have lost the plot at the service guys Big Time! You should be targeting the dealer where you took the car, not BMW. A good mechanic can fix or rebuild anything,BMW or not, doesnt matter!  BMW dealerships are privately owned and have nothing to do with the actual car manufacturer unless your car still has factory warranty. Never take a car to its factory dealership when it is 5 or more years older, the mechanics have nightmares of previous work done on certain models and when they see a car come in ,like your 750, they cant stand working on the thing, hence all your problems.  What happened to the radiator? After the 2nd one you should have taken the car elsewhere! I own a 94 850 with many modifications, I have had the temp needle on red a few times while playing with electric fan installations, original radiator , and its never failed!  When it comes to cars, we must all have a little knowledge when purchasing a car like a 750 or 850 or anything else which is exotic. You cant rely on your factory dealer all the time, especially when your car is 10 yrs old. They are only interested in making huge amounts of money, and if your going to be a sucker and keep going back, they will only want to take more of your cash!  It seems a person of your ignorance should be driving a 4 Cylinder sh-tbox, you can buy parts at the local supermarket!!!!!!  A $30 radiator cap is probably what lost you thousands$$ for 4 radiators. The BMW dealer should have known this with a simple pressure test on the cap! THEY TOOK YOU ON A NICE RIDE MY FRIEND, A $32000 ONE!!!!  WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON?
Jim G  (1994 850)
Australia - Wednesday, April 18, 2001 at 21:27:20

Axel's reply:  Still on Earth, but have taken a detour to 750 Hell.   A mechanic, no matter how good he (or she) might be, aside from typical preventative maintenance, cannot prevent components from malfunctioning or failing, and this car has been full of them.  Yeah sure, the car had 4 radiators put in it because it needed a $30 cap.  Interested in buying a 750iL in perfect shape, except for needing a new radiator cap?  I'll even throw in an extra cap for free.  What you obviously didn't notice on the Repairs page was that I had the radiator cap replaced (per a recall notice) on June 23, 1999 (entry 86).  Two years prior to that, on June 16, 1997 (entry 74), radiator #3 was put in.  One year after the recall cap was installed, on July 19, 2000 (entry 98), radiator #4 was installed.  So, take your pick- did the old cap cause radiators #1, #2, and #3 to blow, or did the new cap cause radiator #4 to blow?  Or neither?   Apparently, the radiators will blow, regardless of which cap is being used.

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