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This page is commentary just from Henkka J. of Finland, also generated from the posting I placed on the BMW enthusiast's discussion forum, telling of  He had so much to say, I gave him his own page.

Can't afford luxury car - buy a Toyota then.  I'm really surprised about you whining to BMW about the car, we are after all talking about a 10-year old car with plenty of miles on it, being bought second hand and obviously having had the living daylights kicked out of by the former owner. How on earth could it be BMW's fault if the private stealer is doing an enormous rip-off fixing up this poorly cared for beast. Is it because it IS a bmw? I can't imagine anybody buying a second-hand old Toyota and then whining about it to the company... Well, desperate men do desperate things and I can imagine how you have felt about it. HAd a Ford once where I replaced everything and never really got it restored to perfection. Then again that car was 27 years old. The point is that bmws are not meant for anybody who thinks Toyota and BMW can even be said in the same sentence (oops now I did that). BMWs are cars for rich people and hot rodders. Rich people can afford to buy them, rich people can afford to have them fixed at outrageous prices at the stealers if they should fail after warranty and rich people tend to trade them in for NEW bmw's as the cars age. The "Hot Rodders" then again buy bmws usually second hand, bear the costly parts since the reliability seems to be very good - despite your experience - and DO THE WORK BY THEMSELVES or have cheap reliable non-dealer shops working on them. Also we like to tune the already very well handling cars to reach handling & performance perfection. (Naturally the base models make exellent durable daily drivers for anybody but above I'm talking about the top models) I'm just SO surprised - as everyone else in this board seems to be - that you kept taking the car to the stealers after lousy jobs at astronomical prices. I bought a 750i with problems that I knew of - since I naturally HAD IT CHECKED - and the problems were accounted for in the price of which I got a huge discount as well, because of the problems. It's gonna cost me some $1000-4000 to have this baby in perfect condition but if I took it to the stealers' the bill would reach $10,000-20,000 easily. For instance today I paid one big operation with a case of beer and a bag of chips :-D It's not who you are, it's who you know! Thanks Ville K! And as you say yourself, the car has incredible performance, handling and feel - not to mention the magic of the V12 under the hood that always tends to put a big smile on one's face... I wouldn't trade it in for anything (exept a new 6 litre 750i) although I admit that it's a bit gas-guzzling, complex and the parts cost a lot. And come to think about it it's not really gas-guzzling for a two ton five-litre engined mammoth. Better luck in the future, try a 535i or 735i perhaps? Henkka 1990 750i 4th BMW, 1st e32, never buying other than BMW or MB again Chipped, painted pearl silver, with M5 wheels, H&R springs, Bilstein shocks Bentley's 900-page repair manual is in the mail and a lot of work awaiting :-) but that's half of the fun, all you need is a big garage and plenty of sixpacks ;-) ps: My wife's beat up POS 300,000km 1983 BMW 316 1.8 that I got for free had the water pump break this week. Perhaps I should write to BMW Finland and demand them to install new one for free and pay me compensations for having to humiliate my bmw loving front yard by the precense of a tiny Ford Ka for a few days? I could of course have it fixed at the stealers for estimated $300-500 which is roughly what the now-registrated ugly old 2d sedan is worth...
Henri J.  (1990 750iL)  <email address on file>
Kuusjoki, FINLAND - Thursday, April 19, 2001 at 22:29:23

Although my post might appear as hostile, I really do feel for you. I had a big fight with the local stealer the one time I accidentally took my mint 1988 316 1.8 there (problem NOT fixed, some parts NOT changed, parts that did NOT have to be changed WERE changed, cost me $500 to not fix the problem that would have taken a $50 part and 15 minutes of installing) before I came to my senses and started using independents. And I'm not surprised you write to BMWNA and ask them to help out on your next Bimmer. I'm pretty sure that is very close to what I would have done. It's just that all this net publishing (VOICEMAILS and all, is this guy for real?) and stuff seems to me like you're on a personal crusade against BMWNA when you should be on a crusade against those stupid f--ks who don't fix your car but charge you ten times the real market price of every part and labour. FACTS OF LIFE: Sometimes new cars break. Sometimes used cars break. 10-year old cars break down a lot. Sometimes the cars are fixed right and the problem disappears for the next 10 years. Sometimes something is fixed but the cause of the problem remains and the problem will reappear sooner or later. If a car costs $80,000 new (or $160,000 and then some here in the taxpayers hell called Finland) it means you get a lot of horseys and great handling, all kinds of electric gadgets, gizmo's and thingamajigs, a lot of the latest technical advances all wrapped into a huge, safe body that looks like a million $ and doesn't rust. What you do NOT get is a car made of titanium with parts that are unbreakable. There are tracktors of that kind that were made in the early 1950's. There are so little moving parts that they just won't break. They don't top 300 km either. So sue the stealer, or accept your loss like a man, but face it: you're driving an old car and even if it is top-of-the line like our cars certainly are, it's made of a zillion moving little bits and pieces that have been clicking and whirring for ten years and something is bound to go wrong every now and then. Henkka ps: My wife just passed a Russian-built cheap Lada that actually drove off the road to give room for her in her 30 times more expensive 750i. Sounds ridiculous and it really was but I have to admit this is one of the things that I really love in the 750i!
Henkka again  (1990 750iL)  <email address on file>
Kuusjoki, FINLAND - Friday, April 20, 2001 at 17:53:25

(in response to "i hear mopeds are cheap to work on too")  And so easy to tune up.  Up here you get to drive a 50cc moped at age of 15, light motorbikes at 16 and cars at 18. Needless to say we tuned the little mopeds so much that the best ones beat those 125cc light motorbikes!  Henkka  Former owner of a 1988 Suzuki PV 50   (swapped to 80cc, bored, carburetted, racing exhaust, 250cc chain drive, top speed rose from 40 to 100 km/h with original brakes. I'm surprised to be still alive)
Henkka J.  (1990 750iL)  <email address on file>
Kuusjoki, FINLAND - Friday, April 20, 2001 at 11:38:35

Axel's replies:  Okay then.  In response to your first comment- I'm not sure how you reached the conclusion that the car "had the living daylights kicked out of" it by the former owner.  My impression was that the former owner maintained the car as required, even more so, and was about an average driver.  I also have to disagree with your theory on BMW's being only "for rich people and hot rodders," because I am neither.   I just expected more from a BMW 750iL.

In response to your second comment- I wouldn't be asking if I am for real, but if a car requiring this much work is for real!

In response to your third comment- I did have a moped when I was 15, and my first BMW when I was 17, a 3 series, but I'm not a teenager anymore and expect more from my cars.

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