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Hello, I am a BMW Service technician. I am so glad someone has started a site to speak the truth about the abomination called 750iL! 750's are about as bad for the technician as the owner. They are difficult to work on and a pain sometimes to diagnose, a car never really fit for this world. Until 1996 that is, which from then we rarely see any problems at all. Despite great cars like the E30 325, E36 328, and most E39 body cars, BMW should be ashamed of the E32 750 (unfortunately with what we've seen with the new E65 7 series so far, history may repeat itself). Though some problems are common to all E32 body cars (735i,740) and unfair to just blame the 12 cyl models. Whether it be: Throttle motors, Intake gaskets, Fuel leaks, Head gaskets, Engine wire harnesses, Air mass meters, Fuel injectors, Spark plug wire sets, One of the two DME's (engine control mod), Drive belt pulley's, or basically anything that uses electrons in the car. 750's and 850's are a nightmare financially. Forget resale value, some of them originally sold for 60k, the 850's much more, and now they aren't worth half that. The car is junk. If you must go with a BMW 12 cylinder, get a '96 or newer 750, they really are well sorted cars. [20 hours later this follow-up] hello, for the webmaster, i read your 750 story and your complaint about a constant shimmy from the front end. My advice would be to have the thrust rod bushings checked. For E32(7)and E34(5) body cars like yours those bushings are the weakest links in the front suspension and it is quite common for them to wear out and cause a shimmy.
MJ <email address on file>
Massachusetts USA - Sunday, June 9, 2002 at 15:15

Axel's reply: Wish I had the chance to talk with you before buying a 750iL. All I seek is the truth, nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

BMW Sucks. Thanks Axel, this website made me feel so much better for buying my 1989 750IL. As others, I bought this heap, because of the status symbol. The previous owner was the president of [a major Hollywood studio- omitted to protect privacy]. I put 8000 miles on the car and my repairs add up to about $7000. HELP!!!!!!!!
Kevin (1989 750iL) <email address on file>
USA - Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 20:24

Axel's reply: You're not the only one spending about a $1 per mile to keep your 750iL running. And I learned the hard way that buying an $80,000 car from a CEO didn't help one bit. You're in trouble and only in for more of the same!

Horror. I own 1992 BMW 750 il. BMW cost me $72,000. The BMW sat in the repair shop more than three months with the bill piling up. The bill is charged to my company and one day my accountant came into my office and told me we have a problem with one of the expense accounts. The bill had accumulated to $43,000 and more coming. I was stunned and called my mechanic and he asked me whether he should stop fixing whatever he was fixing. I told him to finish and no more. I have had many BMWs before, but I have never had this kind of horrendous repair cost; reliability of BMW is getting lower and lower. The best BMW I had was 2002. I have Toyota Truck with over 300,000 miles on it and it still runs beautifully. I will abandon all German vehicles and stay with Japanese.
Philip K. (1992 750iL) <email address on file>
California USA - Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 9:07

Axel's reply: You're saying the best BMW you've owned is a 2002? It's April of 2002- has that been enough time to evaluate any maintenance needs? I think not.

Hi, We purchased a 750il after having owned several BMWs ranging from a 2002 to a 735. They were all excellent automobiles, durable and fun to drive. The 750, however, was a complete disaster. I will never consider owning another BMW after having had this experience with the 750. To sum up the experience, after the car was out of its warranty period, I spend $5951.00 over the next six months in non-maintenance type repairs. The service manager at the local dealership said things will only get worse. He said they are simply a maintenance nightmare. The straw that broke the camel's back, was when the universal joints went bad on the driveshaft. Now I can understand that universal joints wear out, but at 52,000 miles. Moreover, on other cars they are simply changed for $200.00 and you are on your way. The 750 has universal joints, according to the dealer, which cannot be changed, instead you replace the entire drive shaft for a mere $900.00. The engine is a marvel to look at, but believe me it is Jaguar and Joe Lucus all wrapped into one.
Gary G. (750iL) <email address on file>
USA - Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 10:37

Axel's reply: Similar to your experience, I had other BMWs without any complications- it has been the 750iL that has been a disaster.

1989 piece of sh*t. Need I say more! Pissed owner. BMW (Bring Money With you)
Ken V. (750iL) <email address on file>
USA - Tuesday, March 12, 2002 at 6:06

Axel's reply: The one I've heard that I like is: BMW Break My Wallet.

Bought mine in 1995, 50K miles on it, thought I made a great deal..Huh!...I put 50K more miles on it and $27K in repairs and finally it sits in my garage for the past year, worth NOTHING, collecting dust. My wife wants to use it as a planter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jim M. (1990 750iL) <email address on file>
Houston, Texas USA - Thursday, February 7, 2002 at 15:57

Axel's reply: If I used my 750 as a planter, it would probably leak.

Hi, I'm kind of in the middle of the situation your site documents. Yes, my 750 has lots of the faults you've reported such as: No heat seating - Could you tell me which bit keep going wrong. Steering Shimmers ( but only occasionally, BMW tell me it's because I have 17inch wheels!!!!). Rear Light keep going off. Washer Bottle keeps coming up empty when it's not. But I haven't yet had any of the major mechanical problem you've had (thank god!!!). Although I had some very frighting receipts with the car when I brought it, such as Engine ECU's, new heads, new radiators. You mention on the site you know of someone in the UK that's good with these car's, could you let me have their details so that I can get a few of the niggles sorted. Thanks Mate.
John K. (750iL) <email address on file>
UK - Tuesday, November 27, 2002 at 8:57

Axel's reply: [Privately, I referred him to a site to get do-it-yourself tips].

Hi- Was surfing the www and your site caught my eye.  I am actually after, and have not found after an hour on the web, a site which might give a DIY [do it yourself] person a 'heads up' on repairs and maintenance.  I have had my 750iL (1990) for only a short time and it has been fun, but like so many of the bad luck stories I have read on your site, I too have had an unfair amount of problems, and I am now afraid, very afraid.   The latest one is the passenger side low beam light. It blew a couple of weeks ago, I replaced it and yesterday it appeared to be blown again. New bulb and it still did not work. Checked the bulb, OK checked the source and no power from the green yellow feed wire. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Fuses OK, so it looks like a trace on the wire back to the fuse box may be required but!! I was hoping that you or your readers may have experience this and may be able to point me in the right direction.  I am living in the UK, London, not sure that that matters, other than it is a RH drive car.  Any help you can afford is appreciated.  Happy for you to pass on my email address to some-one you feel could and would be willing to help, but posting it on the web I do not think would help.  In anticipation Many thanks
Allan  (1990 750iL)  <email address on file>
London UK - Saturday, October 13, 2001 at 4:10

Axel's reply:  Sounds like a minor beginning, but your car has the makings of a troublesome car.  Let's hope not.  [Privately, I referred him to a place where he could get advice as a do-it-yourself owner].

Love/hate- Where do I start... I bought a 1990 750iL in Feb. 1998 after having my share of bad luck with cars (to put it in perspective, my favorite car I had owed up to this point was a '65 Corvair Corsa...) and I thought that even a used BMW with 100,000 miles was better than a new car. You mean it has a V-12? Well sign me up!!! I guess I should have asked why there was a case of oil in the trunk... The car smoked from day one. A month after I got it the pig started to run poorly, missing on two or three cylinders. I decided to give it a tuneup-myself. One thousand dollars later, and I have new plugs, wires, distributor caps, and rotors to get the job done. And what a pain in the ass to do the job. Three of the plugs were fouled with, you guessed it, oil. The dealer recommended work on the PCV (that's positive crankcase ventilation) system. Nine hundred dollars and two weeks later I am again the proud owner of a running 750iL. Then the transmission cable broke-300 dollars. Oh yeah and the whole time I've owned the car the message ESD regelt shows up on the genius display followed by BRAKE LIGHT CKT, AND NO ONE AT ANY BMW DEALER CAN TELL ME WHAT THE @$%! IT MEANS - ARRRGGGHHH! The steering had a lot of play in it, so 1400 dollars was spent on an entirely new front end, as well as 1600 dollars for new rear shocks (this was a total mistake). Car then developed an oil leak that I have tried in vain to fix for two years, it smells like burnt oil all the time and is embarrassing to take anywhere. The final stage unit then puked, which made the interior fan run on high all the time. I replaced the part, after another 300 dollars...(the fan itself had to be later replaced by the dealer-400 dollars). The cylinders were then leak down checked, and the three musketeers that were fouled when I bought the car were all no better than 63% (That's bad) indicating a severe problem in each of those cylinders. Oh yeah, and it cost me 600 dollars for that piece of good news, after which the service writer told me that "that car wasn't designed for that engine and blah, blah, blah," I couldn't listen anymore. Fall 2000- water pump blew, stranding me again. 700 dollars later it got fixed. Then things got really ugly... The alternator blew out in the middle of nowhere and I had it towed to a gas station/repair shop to be fixed. It was close and to quote myself "anyone can fix an alternator"... Famous last words... 900 dollars later I had a two month repair (I didn't know this yet) on the alternator. Two months later it died again, this time it went to the dealer, who soaked me for a power steering pump as well. The dealer told me the alternator was garbage, so I went to the hole in the wall garage and they told me to stuff it. Used to this response by now I decided to get on with life in the shadow of another 2000 dollar repair bill... If you think that with all these repairs my BMW would be the pride of the fleet, AND YOU WOULD BE WRONG. The economy/sport/manual transmission mode switch doesn't work, the asc light won't come on when you turn the system off, it needs new rotors (for the third time), it pisses oil everywhere (after I have put I don't know how many gaskets, seals, o-rings etc on the thing), and the ac compressor just started to not work (when you hit the button the belt squeals and the system shuts the compressor off).

The last thing is that I have fixed the 6 disk cd changer numerous times before I finally machined my own part to fix the problem. It was the relay gear that shuffles the cd from the pack to the head. I claim this as a small victory in that I KNOW that this will not break again... More famous last words.

If anyone knows where to get a compressor on the cheap, email me. Ciao...
Dean H.  (1990 750iL)  <email address on file>
USA - Sunday, June 24, 2001 at 21:19

Axel's reply:  Wow- déjà vu!  I'll let you know if I find a good deal on a compressor, because mine too is in need of a replacement.

hello, i too am a 750il owner and ive had nothing but trouble since i got it  i cant switch off the service lights even though it went into the garage to be serviced .   now the dif and drive shafts have gone.  do you know any where in uk where i might get a second hand set
Jim D.  (750iL)  <email address on file>
U.K. - Saturday, June 23, 2001 at 5:10

Axel's reply:  If you're speaking of a cellular hand-set, sorry no, I don't know where to get a 2nd hand set, but that sounds like the least of your problems.

Hello, my name is A., and I work at a BMW dealership in the service department.  I just have to tell you the fact that dozens of people have told you already.  You have one of the crappiest cars ever made in terms of reliance.   Those cars, in my opinion, tarnished the record of BMW in terms of reliable cars, and they recently have just gotten that back with the tremendously reliable 3 cars.   Finally, knowing truthfully that I would be extremely upset if this were my car, and I could get no action from the manufacturer, I would pursue litigation.  But you have to remember with any car that is not new, it's up to you to deal with lemons.   Any consumer report could have told you the car was horrible (unless of course you bought the car new, which I don't know), and BMW has the upperhand.  Good luck in pursuance of a newer car.  And unless you need that luxury, I'd stay away from 7 cars, although the newer ones are MUCH better.
A.  <name withheld>  <email address on file>
USA - Saturday, June 9, 2001 at 22:35

Axel's reply:  NOW you tell me!  Yes, I have heard from many people at the BMW dealership the same thing, but unfortunately long after I bought my car.

Dear Axel, my father purchased a used 88' 750 in 1993 with 34,000 miles, he paid $22,000 not a bad deal right? At least that's what we thought. The 1988 BMW 750iL is an electrical nightmare. I will start from the beginning, The dome light bulbs were replace, yet they still don't light up, one head light shorted out, and after that was fixed the fog light shorted out, the sunroof motor was replace along the with the sunroof button, yet it still to this day does not work right, the consol lights would sometimes not work, the cruise control stopped working, if you put a cassette tape in the tape player it will spit it right back out, the sports drive button was replaced, you know how you can easily bring you window up and down with one tap of the button, well that works sometimes, that radio has the worst reception I have ever heard in a car, the battery was replaced I don't know how many times, the cruise control went out and so on.  Here are the mechanical difficulties we have experienced with the car. When my father bought the car it had a nice set of AC Schnitzer type 3 wheels, well two of them were cracked driving over railroad tracks and potholes, the car is too heavy they say, he tried to replace them until we found out that one wheel cost $1,400, so we put one spare on and filled the other tire up every three days. Moving on, sometimes for no reason the car would only want to use six cylinders instead of it's twelve making the engine overheat, why it did this I DON'T KNOW so if you ever see the EML light come on that means your 750 only has half of it's power, the drive shaft had to be replaced after we started to hear a clunking sound while making a turn or accelerating fast, the mechanic said BMW makes a drive shaft that never needs to be greased, yeah! It just needs to be replace after 130,000 miles.  It leaks oil, anti freeze, and any other liquid there is, one of the windshield wipers comes loose if you turn them on, it great when you driving on a hot summer day and the car starts to overheat, so we have to turn the heater on full blast!  Your going to love this one, so here I am, driving down the street about 3 miles from my house just going to grab a bite to eat, I stop at a stop sign and when I go to accelerate I hardly move, the engine is still running but for some reason the redline is 1 grand instead of 6, so I have to pull over at a top speed of 1 mph, I'm thinking the car is out of gas because the gauge is on empty, but the light was not on. So I put it in park get out and see if there is a payphone near to call my dad, so I lock the doors, but only the drivers door locks up, so then I have to go around and lock all the doors, and the trunk.  I called my dad he came down and we both were trying to figure out what was going on, not a clue.  So we called a tow truck and brought It down to our mechanic.  The next day he call my father and explained to him the problem.  There was a short from the window motor in the driver's side door, made which caused the gas pedal not to work, the door locks not to work, the gauges not to work, and the computer not to work, now that's nuts.  The one thing I thank the car for is its tank like frame, and weight. A year ago I got rear ended by a Honda Civc pretty hard.  The Civic was destroyed the back of the 750 was all right, Just a little dent and a couple scratches.  Sorry about the spelling and grammar, I was trying to type fast.  So I say the 750 is the biggest head ache of a car you can buy, its not worth the price.
Eric (1988 750iL)  <email address on file>
Bay Area, California USA - Monday, May 07, 2001 at 00:19:35

Axel's reply:  I'm getting a headache just trying to follow along with what has gone wrong with your car.

BMW 750IL Nightmares.  I bought a 1989 750IL in October 1998 from a secondary car dealer in LA for $11600.00. Since I have had it, it has been in the shop more than I have had it to drive. I've put $15,000 of parts in my car since I've owned it and it still needs more work. My car had ownly 103,000 miles on it when I bought it and I had to replace the whole front end, fix oil leaks behind the timing chain, replace valve cover gaskets twice, fix a gas leak from the incoming hose to the fuel injectors, replace all belt pulleys and tensioners, fix leaks in my power steering system three times, replace the cv joints, replace the rear struts, replace all the parts in the air conditioner and the fuel injector computer twice. And I have only put 12,000 miles on the car since I bought it. I am trying to sell mine but no one wants it because they know it has a horrible maintenance record. My car also burns about 1 quart of oil per month due to oil leaking past the valve stems. I am done with BMWs.
Barry C.  (1989 750iL)  <email address on file>
Los Angeles, California USA - Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 14:26:03

Axel's reply:  That's an even higher cost per mile than my car!  My 750 should have come with a side-car, to use while it was in the shop.  After a while, it becomes foggy which car is yours, and which one is the loaner.  And I knew there was a reason why we're experiencing an oil shortage.  Don't be fooled into thinking it's almost fixed- if it's like mine, it probably never will be.

Your story sounds familiar- probably because it sounds like the story I've been telling everyone about my 1991 750iL, aka "The Mir Space-Station on Wheels." The details get boring: long lists of new generators, water pumps, steering boxes, starters, relays, dash lights, hydraulic shocks, suspension components, state inspection-failing fuel injection and "emission control" systems, warped brake rotors, failed wheel bearings, a failed steering damper, jammed windows, a broken sunroof, a useless phone, a broken tape player, jammed headrests, broken seat motors and heaters, broken light and window washers, shorted-out fog lights, 4 batteries, broken defroster heating wires, a disintegrated exhaust system, 3 cracked front air dams, failed rear brake light sockets, a broken heater fan, a blown transmission, a broken shifter, a blown computer, failing "traction control," falling-off wood trim, broken door locks, an inoperable remote-opening key, a broken washer fluid cap that's unremovable without tools, a broken oil filler cap, a collapsed glove box, etc. These include only the delights that immediately pop into mind. Of course, it's too depressing for me to consult the pages upon pages of repair records, explanatory letters I carefully wrote after my long days at work, and towing receipts. It's also too tiresome to recall the blur of warranty hassles, low-end "service managers" and "technicians" whose lies were inconsistent from day-to-day, smelly loaners with sticky steering wheels, dealer double-billing frauds and thousand-dollar arithmetic "mistakes", and other events that wasted my time and degraded my quality of life. And most of this was in the car's first 70,000 miles. I don't really think it's me. I absolutely pampered this car with careful driving, consistent scheduled maintenance [an understatement], and a light driving load (I have 3 other cars.) Now? Two thousand miles after a $6000 service to "go over the whole engine and fix all leaks," the thing leaks like a rusty bucket. In fact, it leaves such a mess everywhere that the building superintendent at my office has informed me that I can't park it in my private, indoor parking spot anymore. And many of the things in the list above are again broken. I'm actually embarrassed to be associated with the car. In a strange way, I feel like a Al Rothstein (Robert De Niro) in the movie Casino, who fell for Ginger (Sharon Stone), a sexy hooker, who wrecked his life with endless problems, expenses, and low-rent people. So I'm looking to get rid of it, but, honestly, I'd feel somewhat guilty about selling it to someone other than a BMW Corporation executive.  JK, MD
JK  (1991 750iL)  <email address on file>
Weston, Massachusetts USA - Tuesday, May 01, 2001 at 16:16:52

Axel's reply:  That's both the funniest and saddest 750 saga I've heard yet.  There have been many times when I could not park in front of houses I was visiting, because my 750 had sprung so many leaks I didn't want to leave either an oil puddle or stream of coolant behind, or both.  I would park several houses down, so as not to leave any evidence.  More than once, I had a parking lot crew complain that my car had leaked all over their garage, trailing after me with a mop on my way out, to the point where I banished my 750 to street parking.  For the 10th time, my car is leaking coolant again, and the cooling system seems to defy all attempts to stay leak-free for any respectable length of time.  I too had more than one car at one point, and in hindsight should have kept one of them around as a permanent loaner.  My 750 has indeed been the sexy woman that has tried to take me for everything I have- seduced by promises of performance, luxury, and excellence, but the woman had other things in mind.   Needy, moody, difficult to predict, endless details to attend, impossible to keep happy, always reaching in my wallet, and having an agenda not in tune with my own.   Meet my 750iL.

Dear Axel, I am so sorry to read all your night mare... I got maried 6 years ago. My father knew I had allways been in love of his '89 750iL. That was his wedding present. Well, I must be the exception. My car only has been in the shop for regular inspections and one shock reper due to a big "hole" in the road on my way back from Denver. Excellent performance, no complaints at all. Last year I decided to buy a brand new 750il Protector... My wife drives the '89 model WITH NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. I am driving a car that it is expectet to be the "best of the best". Well, you are invited to meet my nightmare. This incredible machine has been sleeping 112 night at the dealer... I do not want to get into warranties or long "interesting conversations with BMW". WARRANTY? I paid $134,000.00 for a BIG LEMON. MY WIFE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS THE POSSIBILITY TO DRIVE THE REAL MACHINE, MANUFACTURATED IN '88 (model '89). Axel, do not feel bad, I would trade your possition at this point. Besides, I have to confess I do like the old body line and style than the new ones... understand that I do not want to compare tech aspects in gadgets. But botton line; my '89 750iL runs. My 2000 750iL Protector DOES NOT. Sorry for my English, I am originally from Milan, Italy... still learning your Language.
Oliver M.  (1989 & 2000 750iL)  <email address on file>
New York City, New York USA - Thursday, April 26, 2001 at 16:53:13

Axel's reply:  How disappointing to learn that after more than 10 years of development, your $134,000 2000 750iL is plagued with problems, and has already spent 112 days in the shop!  Yours being under warranty helps illustrate that the problems we are experiencing with the 750iL are not just about the money, but about the unreliability, inconvenience, and time involved.  I was at one point considering the new 750iL Protection, but after the tremendous difficulties with my current 750, I have had doubts.  Now I think my buying one is out, thanks to your story.

Oliver emailed me more details:  The day after he posted his message here, his 2000 750iL Protection did not start, and the Mayday System was not working.  His GPS system worked for less than 72 hours.  The first time he took the car to high speed, the airbag deployed!  BMW's response?  "Sir, the speed limit...is 70 MPH."  The so-called bullet resistant glass was broken by a stray soccer ball.   When he took the car in and asked about it, he was accused of having changed the glass.  Later, BMW admitted there was an assembly error.  Oliver has taken BMW of North America to court, and he is now suing BMW Germany.  [He has since reached an undisclosed settlement].

Thanks for setting up this web site. I made the mistake of purchasing a 1988 750iL in 1991. The car had 27,000 miles, and I paid $27K. At the time I believed that I had landed a great deal. Ten years later, I have spent a total of $31,000 repairing the car. Everything has broken down. The electrical system has been completely replaced. The transmission had to be completely rebuilt. I think I may have gotten ripped off by an independent repair shop, but then I took it to BMW here in the San Francisco area, and I believe they ripped me off as well. I tried to sell the car repeatedly, and not even BMW [would] buy it. I tell EVERYONE I KNOW to stay away from BMW. As a former Oracle executive, and the CEO of a software company, I tell anyone considering a new BMW to stay away. I have subsequently purchased a new Ford Explorer, and at 87,000 miles, I have had NO EXPENSE except for oil changes and new brakes. We purchased a Jeep, and have had the same good experience. I am now waiting for a new Mercedes CLK430, and I will probably just take the BMW to the dealer and leave it. Of course, I will send a letter to everyone who counts at BMW and let them know that they are a disgrace to both customers and to auto manufacturers. When I have a disgruntled customer, I do everything in my company's power to fix the problem. BMW has refused to do anything, other than to laugh when I tell them about my car. They all say the same thing--it's the worst car BMW ever made, and I should just buy a new one. Comforting words after all the time and money I've put into this car.
Rick H.  (1988 750iL)  <email address on file>
San Francisco, California USA - Thursday, April 26, 2001 at 12:58:39

Axel's reply:  Ahhh, music to my ears.  I knew I wasn't alone, and am in complete agreement.  My experience with my 750 has been an embarrassment, not only to myself, but what should be to BMW, although they just don't seem to care.  I too have told many, many people what a pain in the neck my car has been, although my reach has now extended far beyond my circle of family and friends, to more than 70 countries (so far) with this website.  My goal is to inform and share information about the 750 with as many people as possible and I'm well on the way, with this site having thousands of visitors within its first few weeks of operation.

I heard about an internationally known celebrity (who I won't name), and he has a 1989 BMW 750iL, exactly like yours. After just spending $12,000 on repairs, the car died as he was driving. He left the car in the street, had another car pick him up, and an assistant retrieve the abandoned car. So frustrated with his experience with the car, he repeatedly called BMW, who wouldn't do anything for him, until he let them know he was going to recreate his episode with the car on an upcoming project. The car was promptly repaired, I think at no charge, not that money was the big issue, but after just having all that work done (on top of lots of other previous work) the car still broke down!
Name withheld <email address on file>
Los Angeles, California USA - Wednesday, April 11, 2001 at 03:47:25

Axel's reply:  It would have been more fun to see the incident recreated.  I know precisely the feeling of getting this car worked on, and worked, and worked on some more, only to find it simply cannot stay working for long, before a major repair is necessary.  And it's not just about the money- it's about the frustration, inconvenience, and time involved with owning this car, along with corporate BMW's denial that there's anything wrong with it.  I am here to tell you, there is something seriously wrong with my car.

Axel, reading the drivel from those 323 driving omniscient bastards has truly put me on the defensive. All that trite commentary should be struck from the record. If you do not currently own...do not apply. This is where my tale of woe begins. I too was sucked in by the 750 il splender. Many performance modifications have been made which only add to the laundry list of frightening shop bills and still pending problems. After perusing your car history, I am noticing the the same electrical and a/c issues in my 88'. I can understand your plight. I'm thinking we both ought to trade in but certainly not get some 3 series trash.
Jimi  (1988 750iL)  <email address on file>
Tuesday, April 10, 2001 at 21:16:48

Axel's reply:  Although I am tempted to remove some commentary entirely, in the interest of freedom of speech (and this website is an exercise in just that), I am making all commentary available, although I have now separated commentary into categories.  You are quite correct- the 750iL is completely different from the 3 series, and any comparisons are pointless.  Sorry to hear you too have suffered with a 750iL.   I know there are others out there, and that's what I'm trying to bring to light.   But as is often the case, the victims become victimized before their message is heard.

I also had a 750 with very similar problems. Mine was a 1989 and I was spending over $1000 a month in repairs - Often times the same repairs over and over again. BMW [dealership] still owes me over $3000 for replicate charges
Jeffrey S.  (1989 750iL)  <email address on file>
Louisville, Kentucky USA - Monday, March 12, 2001 at 21:46:00

Axel's reply:  Gee, what a surprise.

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