Mileage when I bought the car: 73,012


Via Facsimile

May 20, 1999

Ms. Dottie Leavitt, Head of Customer Relations
BMW of North America
300 Chestnut Ridge Road
Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey 07675

Dear Ms. Leavitt:

I drive a 750iL, my second 750iL and fifth BMW that I've owned during the past 18 years. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing a maintenance nightmare with my current 750iL.

Since purchasing it in October 1996, I have brought it in for service or consultation more than 20 times, and have spent more than $10,000 for repairs and maintenance, and this is after I had put fewer than 14,000 miles on it.

With an additional 5500 miles on the car, I was informed yesterday that it needs another $9,000+ in repairs, which I find to be rather absurd, and I am no longer willing to go along with the repair requirements for this car at my expense. I have patiently and quietly been trying to keep up, thinking the problems would surely end, but there seems to be no end to them, and this recent news is the last straw.

Clearly, there is something very wrong here. Before I bring an action against BMW, I thought I would touch base and see if you have any suggestions on how we might resolve this, before moving on to litigation.

I do have a suggestion. Replace the 750iL I have been suffering with, for a more current year model in a state of good repair, with some kind of warranty, and I will give you back the 750iL I am now driving in exchange.

I look forward to your timely response. I can be telephoned or faxed at the number above.



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